Betsy LamarBetsy, the slave

  • A handsome, clever mulatto, Betsy was the best friend Octavia ever had.  Their relationship grew with the years.  Each found a sympathetic ear in the other and they exchanged confidences.  As Betsy dressed Madame La Vert’s hair each morning, she would teach her Spanish or read aloud to her.  Betsy was devoted to her mistress, sharing her loss of Robert, Claudia and Sally. P. 95
  • Miss Bremer was also surprised at the relationship between Madame La Vert and Betsy.  “Betsy seems really not to live for anything else than for her Mistress Octavia; to dress her hair every day a la Mary Stuart, and to see her handsome, gay, and admired, that is Betsy’s life and happiness…” p. 102