Historic Porch Restoration

Meadow Garden Porch Restoration Before
Meadow Garden Porch Restoration After
Historic Porch Restoration - deconstruction

The historic front porch restoration at Meadow Garden began in January 2019 with the deconstruction of the existing front porch.

Meadow Garden Historic Porch Restoration Supports

After that, supports were put in place to allow for the safe removal of the porch columns. This was followed by methodic removal of all the material down to the framing.

Next, the balustrades were carefully removed and labeled for future use. Although, the discovery of an early railing mortise would change the design of the balustrades that ultimately were reconstructed for the historic porch.

After the removal of the decking and framing, several of the brick piers received some much needed repair.

Where possible, experts from Landmark Preservation maintained as much of the early material as was feasible. The skilled craftsmen then expertly joined the existing wood with new material. The porch was then methodically reconstructed using timber framing techniques.

After the frame of the porch was in place, the decking, skirt boards, and two new sets of steps were added.

The completion of the historic porch restoration ushered in our next project — the early period roofline is uncovered.